Successful Deal in the Warehouse Real Estate Sector


Successful Deal in the Warehouse Real Estate Sector: A company specializing in automotive parts has leased a new warehouse on Korzhenevskogo Street!

NAI Belarus announces the completion of a successful transaction in the warehouse real estate sector. NAI Belarus acted as an intermediary in the agreement between the client and the warehouse representative, resulting in the signing of a favorable lease contract for a portion of the space, with an area of approximately 6,000 square meters. This warehouse is located at Korzhenevskogo Street in the city of Minsk.

The parties have expressed their comments regarding this deal:

Andrey Aleshkin, Partner, Executive Director of NAI Belarus: "We are pleased to serve as consultants in this transaction and assist the client in leasing a spacious and functional warehouse. One of the main advantages of this warehouse complex is its location right in the city of Minsk. This provides convenient access to transportation routes and enhances the efficiency of goods delivery. Our company aims to provide our clients with the best opportunities for successful business development, and this warehouse perfectly aligns with the needs of the automotive parts and components company."

Warehouse Representative: "We are pleased to welcome our new tenant. Our warehouse is equipped with everything necessary for safe storage and convenient logistics of goods. We are confident that our partnership will be mutually beneficial and contribute to the mutual development of our businesses."

This deal confirms the stable demand in the warehouse real estate market in Belarus. Thanks to this collaboration, our client will be able to optimize their storage and delivery processes, ensuring a high level of service.

About the Warehouse:

The warehouse located at Korzhenevskogo Street in Minsk has a total area of 12,600 square meters. Its modern infrastructure, including high ceilings, spacious storage areas, and convenient access roads, make it an ideal choice for efficient warehouse operations.

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