A Network of Medical Centers Acquired a Building in Mogilev


NAI Belarus acted as a consultant on the transaction for a medical project.

A large Belarusian network of medical centers "Family and Health" ("Novamed") has acquired a former banking building with an area of about 4600 sqm located on Dzerzhinsky, 7A str. in Mogilev and plans to use it as a modern medical center.

The medical center in Mogilev will be designed for consultative reception of patients, their examination in specialized diagnostic rooms, and treatment with therapeutic methods.

Andrey Pavlyshko, Managing Director of NAI Belarus: "The deal in Mogilev is an illustrative example of a situation where the interests of both BelVEB bank in transferring the territorial network to a high-tech client service format and the needs of the Mogilev region for the development of high-quality private medicine within a single project have successfully crossed."

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